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Elinco has a large experience in the design, construction, installation and set up of vessel telecommunication and navigation systems, including:

Internal Communications – PAGA, PABX telephony, intercoms, LAN, entertainment systems, CCTV, UHF radio.
External Communications – Radio and satellite systems (GMDSS, VHF marine, VHF aero, NDB, Inmersat B, F77, FB500, VSAT system, microwave radio etc.), telemetry systems.
Aids to Navigation – Radars, automatic pilots, gyros, DGPS, meteorological system.
Positioning Systems – DARPS, Artemis, Fan Beam, Omega DGPS, Parker System.


LV Installations

HV (up to 30kV) Installations

Type B Telecommunication Installations

Fire Protection Installations

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